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We are very excited to be offering a full line of lawn care services to our Eugene community. With a quick diagnosis, we can determine any problems and potential solutions. In some cases, a quick fertilizing will do the trick but in others, it's not that simple. Depending on your lawns current condition and your desired results, we can help you create a plan to achieve your goals.

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Lawn Restorations

These projects usually include a combination of the 3 following services. The main initial step to the complete restoration is the addition of nutrient rich garden soil. Creating a solid base for any new lawn is absolutely crucial for its long-term health and sustainability. If weeds and other grasses have invaded your lawn, than starting from scratch can be the best option. After sterilizing the lawn area, you can choose to start from seed or sod. Seed takes longer to get perfect results but is slightly cheaper. Sod lawns can provide instant results but you are limited on grass types and are more costly.

Lawn Seeding

Once your lawn has been removed of thatch and aerated, you may want to consider over-seeding. Your lawn will be thinned out with the thatching, so spreading more seed can help everything bounce back even better. The thicker your lawn is, the easier it is to maintain. Thick lawns prevent weeds from germinating and also dry out slower to reduce watering.


If you have problems with drainage or compacted soil, aerating might be a good option for you. Aerating in combination with fertilizing & over-seeding is usually standard for any lawn restoration.


If your lawn is very spongy and also looks unhealthy despite up-to-date fertilizing, dethatching might be the solution for significant improvement. When lawn clippings fail to break down, they can create a thick layer in the lawn that prevents, air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of the lawn. Our lawn dethatcher can make quick work of this problem and let your lawn thrive again.

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