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For homeowners considering a new automatic sprinkler system, a certified installer can design and install a system that provides precise and water efficient coverage, using our quality parts. Either way the cost is minimal compared to the time, money and water saved by a water efficient system, not to mention the pride and enjoyment in having a beautiful lawn and garden. For more information please give us a call at 541-513-6862.

Licensed LCB #9195, Bonded & Insured

Would you like to reduce your water bill, save water and still maintain a healthy lawn and garden? With our comprehensive irrigation services, it is easy to do it all. We offer the most diverse, durable and water efficient components in the industry. By installing a new sprinkler system or by switching out a few components to your old system, you can easily save water and maintain a great looking lawn and garden. For current automatic sprinkler owners, significantly reducing your water usage might be as simple as having one of our certified installers pressure regulating devices or replace your current spray nozzles with more efficient spray nozzles. For more information, contact us online to schedule an estimate!

Irrigation Installation Process

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  2. Analysis & estimate
  3. System design & installation
  4. Training & maintenance plans

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Call us at 541-513-6862 for a free estimate! Licensed LCB#9195, Bonded, Insured.

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