Landscape Maintenance


Landscape maintenance is both an art and a science.

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Blackberry Removal

Whether you have a small patch at a residential property or acres in the country, we have the solution!

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Poison Oak Removal

Poison oak is very prevalent in Oregon, so keeping it out of your yard can be a difficult task.

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Lot Clearing

Field mowing and lot clearing of any size.

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Fall Leaf Removal Services

Whether you need a single leaf clean up or a season package, we can help!

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Bark Dust, Compost and Rock

We are currently offering over 25 varieties of ground covers and garden materials.

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Lawn Care

Lawn Dethatching

Thatch build up can prevent your lawn from receiving vital nutrients and water.

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Lawn Aeration

A simple aeration can also greatly improve drainage and moss control.

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Organic Gardening Services

Join in on our organic fertilizing schedule and take part in having the most beautiful lawns, plants and gardens around.

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Exterior Maintenance

Junk Removal

We can remove, load, and haul, all of your discarded goods.

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Irrigation Systems

Would you like to reduce your water bill, save water and still maintain a healthy lawn and garden?

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Sprinkler Repairs

With over 20 years of experience performing irrigation system repairs, we can quickly identify problems and solve them with great efficiency.

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Power in Numbers!

When we can help you and your neighbors everyone saves! Ask for more details!

Senior Discount!

We are gladly offering discounts to seniors and people with disabilities.

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