Bark Dust, Compost and Rock

We are currently offering over 25 varieties of ground covers and garden materials! By partnering with the largest garden center in Eugene, we can supply you with any quantity of garden materials. Whether you need gravel for construction or organic compost for your garden beds, we can help! Below is a list of all the garden products we can deliver, unload and spread for you.

Bark mulch is a quick way to boost curb appeal and reduce weed growth.

Bark Dust

Traditional look.

Bark Mulch

Cost effective ground cover.


Sliver free, great for small children and pets.

Color Rich Mulch

Available in dark brown and red.

Medium Fir Bark

Natural rustic appearance.

Wood Chips

Great for playgrounds and dog runs!

Adding fresh nutrient rich compost will help increase vegetable yields, flowering cycle, and greener healthier lawns.

Blended Mint Compost

Aged sawdust, silica sand, composted mint straw, and horse/chicken manure.

Garden Compost

Fully recycled yard waste, great for breaking up compacted clay soil.

Garden Rich Compost

Valuable nutrients along with beneficial microbes.

Chicken Compost Blend

High nitrogen content, great for improving unhealthy soil.

We can haul and unload most heavy rock materials to anywhere in your yard.

Garden Sand

Great to increase drainage.

1/4″ & 3/4” Minus Crushed

Used in construction, parking areas, walkways, etc.

3/4″, 3/8”, & 1 1/2 Round

Decorative multi-purpose river rock.


Power in Numbers!

When we can help you and your neighbors everyone saves! Ask for more details!

Senior Discount!

We are gladly offering discounts to seniors and people with disabilities.

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