Lawn Aeration

We offer our aerating services to Eugene, Springfield, & Lane County. We will assess your lawn to confirm aerating is the best solution and provide a free estimate. Project costs are determined by lawn size, condition, location & access. We look forward to hearing from you!

Aerating twice a year is essential for nutrients and water to reach the roots of the grass, creating a much healthier and greener lawn. The process of aerating requires a large commercial machine that systematically removes small 2-inch plugs from the lawn. The soil and grass plugs then breakdown to return nutrients to the soil. Apply organic fertilizers after the aeration and help stimulate the lawns new growth. A simple aeration can also greatly improve drainage and moss control.

It is generally best to aerate in the Spring after the soil dries out and in early Fall just before the rains come. The soil needs to be moist enough to penetrate but hard enough to remove the plugs. If you would like, we can email you a notice when we recommend aerating each season.

Service Process

  • Schedule consultation
  • Free analysis & estimate
  • Completed project
  • Final inspection
  • Money-back guarantee


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