Lawn Dethatching

We offer our dethatching service in Eugene, Springfield, & Lane County. Thatch build up can prevent your lawn from receiving vital nutrients and water. We offer thatch removal as an independent service and also in our lawn restorations. Please contact us for a free consultation and estimate!

Our thatch removal machine, along with fertilizing, aerating, and patch seeding, will quickly bring the color and life back to your lawn. A specific plan will be created depending on your lawn’s needs.

Dethatching is a process of removing dead grass matter that creates a barrier for water, air, light, and fertilizer to reach the lawn’s roots. Substantial thatch buildup will slowly chock your lawn causing discoloration, thinning, and eventual dead.

Service Process

  • Schedule consultation
  • Free analysis & estimate
  • Completed project
  • Final inspection
  • Money-back guarantee


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