Organic Gardening Services

Join in on our organic fertilizing schedule and take part in having the most beautiful lawns, plants and gardens around. We have partnered up with Down To Earth to bring you fertilizing plans custom to your needs.

Fertilizing your garden and lawn is a necessity to maintain healthily plant growth and appearance. Lawns in the Pacific Northwest should be fed with the proper nutrients 4 times a year, while Shrubs, trees and perennials plants, twice a year. Fertilization is the only way to get the best results from your garden.

Our organic fertilizers are completely safe around your small children and pets. By using fertilizers that comes from all natural sources, we know we are not contaminating ground water and our rivers. We want to enhance your lawn and garden without harming the environment around it.

I feel so much better knowing that my children are safe playing in our yard. We want everything to look great but their safety is number 1. Organic all the way!

-Tammy G.

Spring Mix (5-6-6)

Ideal starter fertilizer for seeding establishments, bedding plants, new gardens and lawns. Supplies primary and secondary plant nutrients to promote top growth and sturdy root development.

Organic Ingredients: Feather meal, bone meal, blood meal, fish meal, meat meal and langbeinite.

Bio Turf (8-3-5)

This entirely natural granular lawn fertilizer is designed to provide slow, steady release of nutrients and encourage deep root development to help reduce watering requirements.

Organic Ingredients: Feather meal, fish meal, blood meal, meat meal, bone meal, and langbeinite.

Yard & Garden (10-2-8)

This general garden fertilizer is packed with organic nitrogen, potassium to encourages deep root development and strong plant growth. It is very effective for lawns, garden and landscape applications, vegetables, berries and ornamentals.

Organic Ingredients: Feather meal, blood meal, meat meal, bone meal, and potassium sulfate.

Acid Mix (4-3-6)

This acidic fertilizer is great for rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, evergreens, blueberries, raspberries, and other plants that thrive in low ph soil. Fall and spring applications.

Organic Ingredients: Cottonseed meal, Langbeinite, fish bone meal, rock phosphate, humates, and kelp meal.

Tree & Shrub (4-2-4)

Great for young trees and shrubs. This nutrients promotes extensive root growth and helps protect against a variety of plant stresses including drought and environmental extremes.

Organic Ingredients: fish bone mean, corn gluten meal, langbeinite, greensand, AZOMITE, humates, kelp meal and mycorrhizal fungi.

Rose & Flower (4-8-4)

This nitrogen rich fertilize promotes vigorous growth and extra phosphorous for beautiful blooms. A must for bulbs, annuals and perennials to ensure a healthy season of sensational flowering.

Organic Ingredients: Fish bone meal, langbeinite, blood meal, alfalfa meal, seabird guano, rock phosphate, humates, and kelp meal.


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